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Welcome to T&D Specialities - Your Precision CNC Machine Shop

Welcome to T&D Specialities, where precision, reliability, and exceptional service are the cornerstones of our operations. Located in Oxford, Massachusetts, we specialize in delivering high-quality CNC machining services tailored to meet the stringent demands of various industries including medical, aerospace, military/defense, commercial, and electronics. Whether you need intricate medical components or robust aerospace parts, our precision CNC machine shop is equipped to exceed your expectations.

CNC Machining Services

At T&D Specialities, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide quick, accurate, and reliable CNC machining services. Our state-of-the-art facility is designed to meet your specifications with precision and efficiency. We are committed to delivering your orders on time, protecting your intellectual property, and maintaining transparency in our pricing. The price we quote is the price you pay, regardless of the steps we take to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Full-Service Shop

We are more than just a machining shop; we are a full-service partner in your manufacturing process. Our comprehensive services include plating, welding, painting, assembly, balancing, and more, saving you time and adding value to your projects. Whether you need a lot size of 25 pieces or 25,000+, we are here to help.

What We Offer

Multi-Axis Milling

Capable of milling up to 6” x 12” x 16” dimensions.

Medical Machine Shop

Specializing in medical CNC machining for precise and reliable medical components.


Expertise in machining stainless steels, aluminum, tool steels, titanium, high temp alloys, and plastics.

CNC Turning & Turn/Mill

Handling components up to 6” diameter x 10” length.

Aerospace & Military Components

Precision machining for aerospace and defense applications.

Engineering Assistance & Advisement

Providing expert support throughout your project.

Swiss Turning

Capabilities up to 1.250” diameter (32mm) for detailed small parts machining.

Commercial Machined Components

Serving a wide range of commercial applications.

Blanket Orders & Kanban Programs

Annual programs for just-in-time delivery, ensuring efficiency and reduced inventory costs.

Why Choose T&D Specialities?

Choosing T&D Specialities means partnering with a team that values communication, collaboration, and commitment to quality. With over 50 years of combined experience in manufacturing, we are equipped to handle the most challenging projects and deliver superior results.

Trusted Partner for Precision CNC Machined Parts

As a leading small parts machining company, we understand the critical role precision plays in manufacturing. Our expertise in medical CNC machining and other specialized services ensures that we can meet the exacting standards of various industries. Whether you require a quote for machined parts or need to set up a blanket order, we are here to support your needs with excellence and reliability.

What to Expect from T&D Specialities

You will find us to be a highly communicative and collaborative partner. We are dedicated to delivering your parts on time, every time, with the utmost attention to quality and detail. Our transparent pricing ensures there are no surprises – the price we quote is the price you pay. We are committed to meeting our deadlines and communicating proactively if any challenges arise.

Our Industries


High-precision machining for medical devices and components.


Reliable and precise components for aerospace applications.


Durable and dependable parts for defense equipment.


Quality machining solutions for various commercial needs.


Precision parts for electronic devices ensuring high performance.

Ready to partner with a precision CNC machine shop that values quality and reliability?

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